Privacy Policy Summary

This is a human-readable summary of (and not a substitute for) the actual privacy policy. It highlights only some of the key features and terms of the actual privacy policy. It is not a privacy policy and has no legal value. You should carefully review all of the terms and conditions of the actual privacy policy before using the website.

Data we process:

We only use the minimal data we need to serve you this website and we don't set any cookies to track our visitors:

1. Browsing data

Whenever you visit or interact with this website, we automatically process certain information about your interaction with the website:

2. Data communicated by the users

Whenever you use the contact form, the information you type in, including your email address is collected and sent to the data controller and data processor respectively.

How We Use the Information We Collect

In any case, contact us for any inquiry you may have regarding your data and privacy.