Members of the network

Rushdi Diyer CBO Shartuz, Khatlon region Agriculture, soil and water conservation, services for farmers

Youth Group Protection of Environment NGO Khujand, Sogd region Information and awareness, video, environment protection, education

Baht NGO Vose, Kulob District Agriculture, agricultural product processing, provision of market information, services for farmers

Azal NGO Dushanbe. Rasht, Panjakent Districts Agriculture, agricultural product processing, pasture management, soil and water conservation

Agrocervice Khovaling NGO Dushanbe. Khatlon and Sogd Services for agriculture and water users

Saodat NGO Khujand. Ganchi, Shahristan, Istravshan districts Support of woman farming, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture

Obi Shirin SBO, Water Users Association Dahana village, Kulob District Irrigation, soil and water conservation

MSDSP NGO Ayini. Zeravshan Valley Stabilization of the watershed environment, drinking water and irritation, soil and water conservation

ACTED NGO Dushanbe. Ayini, Kuhistoni Maschoh districts, Zaravshan valley Reducing the risk of natural disasters through transboundary Integrated Natural Resources Management, soil and water conservation

Tajik Branch of Regional Environmental Centre NGO Dushanbe. Sogd region, Isfara district Integrated water resources management, Basin planning, Rehabilitation of the existing irrigation structure

National Association of dehkan- farms of Tajikistan NGO Dushanbe. Khatlon region, Baldjuvan, Khovaling districts information marketing centers services, development of the strategies and agriculture policies, development entrepreneurship in rural areas

Institute of Agricultural Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan Governmental Organization Dushanbe Scientific research in the field of agricultural economics, sustainable land and pasture management

The lyceum of agriculture Governmental Organization Kanibodam, Sogd Region Education in the field of agriculture and management of natural resources. Training young professionals of young farmers.

Cooperative Sarob Commercial organization Dushanbe, Khatlon and Sogd regions Services for agriculture, market information, supply of seeds and fertilizers, raising awareness of farmers on sustainable land management

Subh NGO Dushanbe. Khatlon region Pasture management, land degradation and ecological sustainability, development of community groups, food security , health and education.